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I Reject Your Reality

& Substitute My Own

oh dear
25-year-old California girl who enjoys teatime and finding humor in the mundane. Short. Sarcastic. Occasional art dabbler and cheeky monkey. All around fangirl. Aspiring film editor who likes mountains, loves hiking, and might instead become a mountain man sans balls and fur trade. Moderate realist, idealist and cynic in one. Paradoxes make her smile. :>

I have a tumblr now. That is where I chill.

Communities I (co)mod: michael_temp and indygnified.

DevArt. Del.icio.us. Last.FM. Layout. profile.

I'm plotting out a map - make yourself a dot on it.

:IruNaru doujinshis I've translated:
Rise and Shine.
Iruka's a vampire now?