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games, games, games

Even when I quite like games, I do not see the appeal of LiveJournal games. I clicked over to the hospital and farm games and was EASILY UNIMPRESSED and also a bit bored.

I am much more excited about Pokemon. Hurrah!

Poll #1712804 Pokemon White Vs. Black

Which version are you getting? Pokemon White or Pokemon Black?

That's racist


what is this i don't even

I pre-ordered White on Amazon for the $10 credit towards future Amazon purchases. Plus the pre-order pokemon, Victini, looks adorable. :> I went with White since White Forest appeals to me more than Black City (I prefer catching Pokemon to battling trainers and I hardly ever buy items in shops beyond the basic necessities).

I haven't made up my mind on the starter yet. I'm thinking either Snivy or Oshawott. I haven't started with a grass-type since Bulbasaur and I haven't started with a water-type since… I've never started with a water-type. The fire/fighting starter is above and beyond old hat and my inner-adventurer craves something different. Hmm.
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This is something that has been widely discussed on the internet for some time, but I never contributed to (much of) any of it until now.

Poll #1672240 On the topic of Steve Carell

How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office?

You still watch The Office? You're a sad woman.
I have no opinion on the subject, since I've never watched The Office. Suck on that.
I'm going to lock myself in my bathroom with a bottle of booze and drink heavily until the bad feelings go away.
Hold up, hold up, Steve Carell is leaving The Office?
Good for him. Have you seen The Office lately? Well, *have* you?
Sigh. Why can't they just let The Office die?
It's a damn shame, kiddo.
I stopped watching a long time ago and feel indifferent about your poll, but I like clicking boxes. Boop!

Are you going to continue watching The Office?

Duh, I love The Office!
I'mma go change the channel now.
Maybe, it could happen.
Would you please, please GOD, listen to me? I don't watch The Office, okay?
I stopped watching a long time ago and feel indifferent about your poll, but I like clicking boxes. Boop!

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I want to post about these dudes more, dude.

This post exists because:

1. The Trio make me happy! And also because there is a lot of Buffy talk lately (re: film, comics) that has the opposite effect on my mood and I am overcome with the compulsion to reverse this trend immediately.
2. Really, that was my only reason.
3. I am very opportunistic and if I can come up with an excuse to post copious amounts of Tom Lenk, Adam Busch and Danny Strong being adorable(!!!), I will do it. Gosh darn.

So this is your warning that this post contains more pictures of the Trio gang than you can shake a magic bone at, although I'm sure you can do exceptionally well with the challenge. :>

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1. If God was kind, all of my meals would cook themselves. My kitchen would be like the self-sustaining Beauty and the Beast kitchen where all the pots and pans are merry and musically inclined. Where can I find a witch to enchant my cupboards? My meat keeps overcooking and I need a magical pair of tongs to rescue these dishes because my current pair of tongs transforms meat into leather every single time. It is a vile instrument made up of all the evil in the world. AND I HATE IT. Obviously.

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4. I have also been watching Outsourced. I like Manmeet, and Todd cannot act his way out of a box. It's a display box and he looks pretty in it, so if he remains incompetent forever that is FINE. Right.

5. Did I mention that I've also watched the entire Angel series? I liked it alright. BUT WHAT IS THIS ABOUT WB PLANNING A WHEDONLESS BUFFY REBOOT? I am not sure how to cope with this development. "WOE" seems like a good place to start.
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WELL. I was without internet for a few days. That was fun.

In other news, I finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I had never watched the entire series before. I think that is a great shame, as firthgal will probably agree. I enjoyed the series and am surprised by how into it I got. I didn't hate any of the characters - I would go so far as to say that I liked most of them. GILES. <3 And Spike! And I think Anya is great. I like how she is BRISK and honest and I like whenever she talks about money.

Mostly what I want to say, though, is that I so, so loved the Trio. I can't even believe it. I started S6 thinking they were the worst and by the end of the season I just wanted to watch an entire show about them plotting bad things and being wonderfully nerdy together. I also want there to be masses of AU fic where Warren and Andrew escape on their jet-packs and fall in love. And I want there to be epic hurt/comfort and I want there to be LOADS of fic where Andrew talks with the Warren That Isn't and ends up reaching for his face a lot and panicking and babbling about how Warren can't leave because he is TOO LOVELY and that would be AWFUL. I WANT FANDOM TO LOOK LIKE THIS. If I close my eyes and wish very hard then I am sure I can magically make the majority of Buffy fandom look like this.

No, I can't. But STILL. Sigh. I love Warren/Andrew so much.

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OH AN ENTRY with art. I am proud.

Is 'fart' the abbreviation for fanart that is not so good? Because it should be. Collapse )

UHHH so yeah, ever since I have been unemployed, I've had time to reflect on my career path and what I may want that to be. I'm strongly considering something in art now. Mostly I am self-taught, though I have had a handful of basic classes at the community college. Up until recently, I never really practiced my art, either. The only times I would draw would be to draw fanart, but art is one of the few things that I've just... had a knack for, I guess. I think I have the potential to take my skills in a professional direction if I make the effort to develop them. I won't know until I try. at least.
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When do the subs come out?

AHHH the raw for the Kuroshitsuji finale is up. Moments like these are when I wish I had stuck with Japanese lessons as opposed to, you know, wanting to learn Japanese so I could converse with my family, ffff. ;;

So yeah, haven't read the reaction posts on kuroshitsuji since I'm trying to remain unspoiled but it is difficult GODDAMN. What is up with Hannah? How are there so many overlapping demon contracts? Will Claude tap dance again? WITH CANARIES? WHY AM I SO ATTACHED TO THIS AMAZING YET ABSURDLY CONFUSING ANIME??

Kuroshitsuji: !!!!
Me: ??????
Kuroshitsuji: !!!!
Kuroshitsuji: *flaunts, dances*
Me: Ok then.

I need to revise my résumé rather badly. I should do that now.
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So I am watching Kuroshitsuji again and kind of loving it this time around, whereas before I was like, "WHAT. IS. THIS. SHIT. WHAT IS GOING ON??"

I still don't know what is going on. There is rampant cross-dressing and an angel dude who SPROUTS BOOBS at will and a hell hound who turns human so he can RUN AROUND NUDE, I assume. And there is SHOTA FANSERVICE everywhere. I am not really shipping Ciel and Sebastian sexually, but I can see why people do. Their bond is forged so deeply it is BLACK LIKE SEBASTIAN'S BLACK SOUL. ♥ Oh my god, and the touching, ;aslkfja;.

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Out of curiosity, does anyone on my f-list watch Kuroshitsuji and does Alois get any less psychotic? I spend most of the time he is on screen going WHAT THE FUCK. His behavior is STRANGE and TERRIBLE and he should feel bad.
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postingwhore said I should update LJ. I said, "What is LJ?" I think that means, "Ok."

I saw the World of Color water and light show at Disney's California Adventure Land. You should read the LA Times if you want to read about the World of Color. True story. Mostly because I saw World of Color from the backside of the actual viewing area so my review would be like, "And then Mirror Sebastian summoned rainbow jets of water on the wrong side of the screen. He's slightly retarded."

I don't think there is enough documentation on retarded crab behavior to make an entire entry about it, so instead I am going to talk about how fireworks almost struck me blind as a child. Collapse )

In other news, OH MY GOD I am watching so many Gordon Ramsay shows. It is slightly damning.